Transforming waste to value,
Enabling circular economies

Can-do Attitude

Doing the right thing for our planet

Connecting Circles

Building stronger local circular economies


Working together to keep resources in circulation

We are building localized communities and work throughout the supply chain to eliminate waste and keep materials in circulation.

Why Finger-Jointed Wood?

“Finger-joints are used to join short pieces of wood together to form pieces of greater length. The joint is composed of several meshing wedges or “fingers” of wood in two adjacent pieces and shield together with structural adhesives.”
- NaturalResources Canada

Structural Properties

Stronger and less warpage than conventional lumber

Reduce Landfill

Diverting construction waste to making useful products


Wood products continue to store carbon until end of life

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Mission 1: Recycle Wood

Let's begin the journey by moving the needle with wood

There are several ways you can make an impact on reducing landfill and keeping our precious resources in use. Contact us right away!

Got Wood?

Reduce your dumping fees by giving us your clean wood waste.

Want Wood?

Talk to us about our catalog of re-manufactured wood for your future projects.

Understand Logistics?

Are you involved in waste management or logistics? Work with us to save good wood from entering landfill.

Partner with Us?

Are you an impact, ESG or sustainable investor who want more info?

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