Protect Our Planet

About Can-Do!

Can-doGreen Technologies is an emerging startup in the environmental space with the aim of challenging the status quo on resource waste.

We seek to build localized communities and work throughout the supply chain/lifecycle to a eliminate wasteand keep products in circulation.

Can-do Attitude
Doing the right thing for our planet
Circular Communities
Building strong localized communities
Working together to keep resources in circulation

Why Finger-Jointed?

“Finger-joints are used to join short pieces of wood together to form pieces of greater length. The joint is composed of several meshing wedges or “fingers” of wood in two adjacent pieces and shield together with structural adhesives.”
- NaturalResources Canada

Structural Properties
Stronger and less warpage than conventional lumber
Reduce Landfill
Diverting construction waste to making useful products
Woodproducts continue to store carbon until end of life

We Want Your Waste Wood

We are in the research phase of our business and would like to collect your wood waste for one month.  We are working with UBC Wood Products Processing to characterize wood waste streams in Vancouver to best understand how to repurpose the waste with new projects.  


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